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High Speed Dialup Internet providers for fargo city of North-Dakota State. We have listed here all registered ISP Providers that provide wireless internet service in fargo of North-Dakota State. Select any High Speed Dialup ISP from the list and click on the link that will drive you to the company profile page which displays all information about the company from year of established, pricing, features, company info, etc.
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ISP ProviderService PlanPriceFeatures
Comcast Cable Internet XFINITY® INTERNET$39.99 per month For 12 months- Download Videos and Music Fast!
- Upload photos in a flash
- ESPN360 & Norton Security Suite. Normally $160 value
- FREE Motorola® Modem with select plans
Comcast Cable Internet XFINITY® TV + INTERNET + VOICE$99 per month For 12 months- Internet speeds up to 20 Mbps
- HD and DVR available with select TRIPLE PLAY plans
- Unlimited Nationwide Calling
Cox Cable Internet Cox High Speed Internet$34.99/month for 3 months- Download speeds up to 5 Mbps
- FREE Motorola® Cable Modem
- 24/7 live online sports coverage from
AT&T U-verse TV+Internet$59/mo for 12 months Elite Internet with downstream speeds up to 6 Mbps
- Up to 130 of the best family-oriented digital channels including local channels and 1 HD-ready receiver.
AT&T U-verse - TV + Internet + Voice$79/month for 12 monthsElite Internet with downstream speeds up to 6 Mbps
- Up to 130 digital channels and 1 HD-ready receiver.
- 250 minutes of calling each month within the U.S. and to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands

Company Compare Service Plan Price Setup Fee Hours
I-5Connect High Speed$16.99$16.99Unlimited
Interlync Internet Services, Inc. High Speed$9.00waivedUnlimited
YourNet Connection, Inc. High Speed$13.95waivedUnlimited
Value Access Providers High Speed$12.50waivedUnlimited High Speed$10.95waivedUnlimited
Endless Communications High Speed$15.95$15.00Unlimited
Air Tone High Speed$19.95waivedUnlimited
Netticians High Speed$9.99waivedUnlimited
SureWire Internet High Speed$21.95waivedUnlimited High Speed$12.95waivedUnlimited
SureWire Internet High Speed$21.95waivedUnlimited Internet services High Speed$17.95$15.00Unlimited
SpeedQwest Internet Services High Speed$12.95waivedUnlimited
Netaway High Speed$39.99waivedUnlimited
C4 Communications High Speed$15.95waivedUnlimited
Digital Endemic LLC. High Speed$19.95waivedUnlimited
MHO Networks High Speed$13.99waivedUnlimited
GoBigWest High Speed$9.90$5.00Unlimited
LocalNet High Speed$12.95$12.00Unlimited
Internet Communications Inc. High Speed$8.25waivedUnlimited
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